sábado, 13 de setembro de 2008

Dj Honda

Dj Honda - HII

1. Roc Raida Intro [Feat. Roc Raida]
2. Trouble In The Water [Feat. De La Soul]
3. Five Seconds [Feat. Black Attack]
4. Hai! [Feat. Keith Murray & 50 Grand]
5. Every Now & Then [Feat. Syndicate]
6. Mista Sinista Interlude [Feat. Mista Sinista]
7. Team Players [Feat. Doe-V & KRS-One]
8. On The Mic [Feat. Cuban Link, Ju Ju, A.L., Missin' Linx]
9. For Every Day That Goes By [Feat. The Rawcotiks]
10. WKCR Interlude [Feat. Stretch Armstrong & Lord Sear]
11. Who The Trifest? [Feat. The Beatnuts]
12. Talk About It [Feat. Al Tariq]
13. Blaze It Up [Feat. Black Attack]
14. DJ EV Interlude
15. Go Crazy [Feat. S-On]
16. Around The Clock [Feat. Problemz]
17. When You Hot You Hot [Feat. No.I.D. & Dug Infinite]
18. Interlude [Feat. Fat Lip]
19. Travellin' Man [Feat. Mos Def]

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